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The STROKE SOCIETY OF THE PHILIPPINES was founded in July 13, 1995. The Board of Directors composed of Drs. Joven Cuanang, Abdias Aquino, Ester Bitanga, William Chua, Dante Morales, Enrique Ona, Renato Sibayan, Betty Mancao, Honorata Baylon, Florimond Garcia, Fatima Collado, Socorro Martinez, Carlos Chua, Jose Navarro and Simeon Marasigan, was inducted at the EDSA Plaza Hotel on July 20, 1995. Inducting officer was HON. SENATOR BLAS OPLE. He delivered the Inspirational Talk.

Guided by the mission of helping the country reduce the incidence of stroke, reduce morbility and mortality from stroke and to improve the quality of life of those who suffered from stroke.


Stroke What You Must Know

• 16th Annual Convention & 20th Year of SSP

• European Stroke Organisation Conference 2016
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