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That the purpose for which Stroke Society is formed are as follows:

To collect and disseminate information concerning the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of cerebrovascular diseases (CVD) and related diseases; to investigate the conditions under which CVD is found and to compile statistics in regard thereto;

To collaborate and form ethical alliances with various organizations and agencies which may share the same objectives and philosophy of the Society.

To provide a forum for all members for the free and full discussion of all subjects related to CVD and related diseases.

To serve the public interest by undertaking and assisting in pure or basic and applied scientific research in the field of CVD and related diseases.

To help advance medical knowledge by encouraging, guiding, or subsidizing original research in CVD and sponsoring medical symposium and meetings.

To give grants to medical and related researches, and in general to advance technical/medical knowledge in the field of CVD; to offer opportunities to the members for continuing advancement and professional development.

To initiate, stimulate, encourage, develop, support, assist and manage programs, projects and activities for the prevention of strokes and other related diseases, with particular emphasis on the prevention and cure of CVD among the residents of the Philippines.

To undertake, support or assist projects and community development work, training and assistance in preventing strokes treating them and improving the quality of life of victims of stroke. To assist in the amelioration of the living conditions of people handicapped by CVD by reason of poverty.

To procure, buy, lease or receive donations of pharmaceutical products, instruments, apparatus and equipment, medical and scientific literatures and other property, real or personal for the purposes aforementioned.

To collate, record and publish medical research in CVD and to disseminate information thereon, through all forms of media.

To extend reliefs to the poor, distressed and underprivileged affected by stroke.

To solicit, collect, receive, hold invest, reinvest, distribute and disburse donations, subscriptions, gifts, bequests and other funds for the purposes of this Society; to aid in cooperation with the local medical societies, department of health and other approved and interested health organizations in the promotion of programs and projects related to CVD.


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• 16th Annual Convention & 20th Year of SSP

• European Stroke Organisation Conference 2016
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